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From the artistry of baker's jams and fruit filling production to the precision of chocolate manufacturing and the craftsmanship of candy and fudge production, we bring all culinary concepts and visions to reality. Explore our manufacturing capabilities and remember to ask the question, as our PD team is always looking to create new, innovative bespoke products.

Straw berry jam in a bowl alongside strawberries

Wet Cooking Process

From bakery jams bursting with flavour to delicious fillings for pastries - and the sweet indulgence of caramels - we excel in crafting a wide array of delectable products.

Explore our flavourful Bakers Jams & Fillings

Chocolate Panning

Our chocolate panning process expertly coats nuts, fruits, cereal clusters and candies with a smooth layer of chocolate or compound chocolate.

Explore our indulgent Chocolate Panning range
A bowl of of colourful sugar coated sweets

Sugar Panning

Explore our sugar panning offerings to elevate your product and add a touch of colour and sweetness as a topping or inclusion.

Explore our sweet Sugar Panning range
Assortment of donuts

Sprinkles and Nonpareils

Explore our range of toppings offering colour, to enhance your decorating needs. From our rainbow sprinkles to classic nonpareils, we have something for all briefs.

Explore our versatile Inclusions, Toppings & Decorations range
Ice cream and chocolate chips between two chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate Manufacture

We specialise in the manufacture of chocolate in numerous forms, including buttons, chips, flake, batons, blocks, pieces, and specialty flake and flakette lines.

Explore our array of delicious Chocolate Products

Candy Inclusions

Our candy inclusions and candy crunch products are thoughtfully created to match any requirement. They come in a variety of sizes and flavours.

Explore our sweet range of Candy Inclusions & Toppings
A large stack of mixed size packaging boxes

Extensive Range of Packing Options

Choosing the right packaging is crucial for product presentation and preservation. We offer an extensive range of packing options, including Pallecon, VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal), HFFS (Horizontal Form Fill Seal) bags, jars, cartons, and more.

Explore our vast range of packing options