Bakers Jams

Bakers Jams come ready to use, saving time and ensuring consistency in recipes. Their non-GMO status aligns with the preference for natural ingredients. Bake stability preserves their texture and flavour under high temperatures, making them ideal for pies and pastries. Their freeze-thaw stability ensures they maintain their quality in frozen desserts.

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Flavours Available

  • Rasplum Bakers Filling
  • Apple Raspberry Bakers Filling
  • Apricot Bakers Filling
  • Strawberry Bakers Filling
  • Lemon Bakers Filling

Bespoke customer specific options are available upon request.

Packaging Size Options

  • 6kg pails
  • 13kg pails
  • 270kg drums


Ready to use, Non-GMO, Bake Stable, Freeze thaw stable.

No Artificial Flavours & Colours (NAFNAC), are available.